Friday, October 19, 2012

Power of Social Networking

Social Networking: Common and most used word of everyone's life now. I guess facebook, twitter, netlog has converted this whole world into a dot. Everyone is connected and has accounts in all available websites.
What we exactly do or what is the exact use of these sites? It helps to share our feelings or rather we want to puke our frustrations to the whole world and expect others to console us. We don't know how to handle emotions.
I may be wrong but one thing is true that these technologies has made our life easier but has made us lazier too. We prefer to type mails than write letters; we prefer to share our feelings in social networking sites than to call and personally talk.
I myself have accounts in all possible sites. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally everything happened today, thank God all went well. I joined Infosys on 29 October 200, and today on 3rd december 2010 i resigned from here. I will miss Infy that is for sure. My training then life in bhubaneswar where full spinster masti i did, and then happily married and leading life full of responsibilities.
Today i dont know why but i am strongly feeling one thing that What you do to the world comes back to you. whatever you do is just for yourself. although we say that we did this for you, that for you but ultimately whatever do is for your benefit only. whatever happens to you, you are completely responsible for that, and no one else. This is one very big lesson for me.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Hi, i am ......who am i? i am a normal human being, who studied all the 18 years of her life to find a good job. and now working in a good company, going thru quarter life crisis where she is married, has family life (family problems), job tension, future tensions, all in her life is a big question mark, like anyone else in this world. so here i wanna be someone who is different, who is not known to everyone.
Recently i watched one movie Jhootha hi sahi, i like the name of the actress, "Mishka" so mmmmm I AM MISHKA and i m going to write about mishka, nice name na and not about myself.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I want to b happy in my life. and i don think that m asking for anything that i dont deserve. Every human being has the right to be happy. but are we really happy i ask this question to myself always but sad everytime i find this answer as NO. Why? Infact no one in this world can say that he or she is happy in real sense. watching a comedy serial for half an hour definitely makes you feel light but not for long time.
Whats the definition for "HAPPY"? I dont know. BUt what i know is that if you are searching happiness for yourself in other people then you cannot be happy becoz if you do so then you are giving the control of your life in someone's hand, and that is not at all correct. You prepared some good dish and now you want it to be appreciated, but when it is criticised then you are unhappy, you whole heartedly did some work but then your boss dint appreciated it u again go unhappy. Do you think you are doing justice with yourself? Absolutely no. You prepared meal, you are satisfied, you finished the work with full dedication , you are satisfied then why to depend on others. If you are satisfied then thats the most important thing that matters. Sometimes it is fine, because some criticism is good which is known as Constructive criticism but that also has a limit. All time criticism is not good as it creates a negative impact.
So, live your life your own way, dont be verryyyy... happy if someone appreciates you becoz when u will be criticised by that person you will be hurt.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I have heard that everything that happens has a reason behind it, what we think, what we say, what we do, all have something which decides that why that thing is happening which is then followed by deep analysis raising number of questions about how, what, why, where leading to BIG "?" for our day to day life. This is the human nature.
I once read in a magazine that if you want emotional wellness in your life then you have to be the most adaptable to change. Obviously you will not be in your comfort zone all the time. Circumstances, time, people everything will keep on changing. It is not necesary that people around you will always like you, love you, they may they maynot its their choice afterall, you cant control everything, similarly you may/maynot like them as well. What matters is your attitude towards everything. Expecting that no one will harm you becoz you are nice is like expecting that Lion in front of you will not eat you because you are a vegetarian ".
When you stop finding reasons for everything that happens you can stop making your life complicated and can live your life in stress free way. So i would like to say one thing that